Global change needs global leadership

An exclusive summit for 100 of the world’s most senior leaders in the infrastructure sector. This invitation only event will:

  • Provide unique access to the latest research into the state of the global infrastructure market
  • Allow attendees to shape and contribute to a major piece of work to define what the future global infrastructure market will look like
  • Facilitate the creation of deep relationships among peers to enable greater collaboration to solve some of the biggest challenges facing the global infrastructure sector 

At the summit global leaders will debate and define the actions needed to enable climate action and the achievement of net zero. We will only grow tomorrow if we take action today.


  • As a global leader help define how the global infrastructure sector will address future climate and economic challenges 
  • Think the unthinkable in a safe space among peers 
  • Better understand the global political dimension 
  • Make valuable connections with your global peer group

Our programme includes delegates and speakers for global organisations including Arcadis, Arup, Artelia, Aurecon, Bentley Systems, EY, Geneva Airport, Pinsent Masons, MPamot, Mott Macdonald, Ramboll, Schneider Electric, Siemens Energy, SNC-Lavalin, WSP and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.  

Take your place among the guiding minds in the infrastructure industry by registering for this event.  

Setting the scene: the new climate norm

The Summit will start the way it intends to continue, generating interesting thoughts, shifting paradigms and creating an environment in which to generate healthy and practical discussions. Bertrand Piccard from the Solar Impulse Foundation will set the agenda by sharing his experiences and views about how he overcame the challenges of completing the first transatlantic solar flight and how his foundation is engaging the sector to ensure sustainable technologies that are available now are being used to begin our low carbon journey.


Our keynote speakers in our first session will consider the low carbon challenge and focus on how,  as an industry we need to collaborate to meet this challenge, considering aspects such as the pathways to net zero and how decarbonisation, energy and technology all fit into the significant paradigm shift we need to achieve.

Working towards solutions 

Our Global Leadership Forum Think Tanks will be running sessions designed to engage delegates in their innovative work over the past year, the draft output of which will be circulated in advance of the summit.  Through serious, in-depth talks, delegates will provide feedback and direction to the output of the Think Tanks due for publication after the summit.

Investment and pricing - the route to net zero 

Delegates will contribute to a major piece of work being produced in partnership with EY to provide a summarised view of the global infrastructure landscape, current and future investment scenarios, challenges and recommendations.  EY will be facilitating an interactive engagement session around the outputs with key stakeholders.

Projects – time to get serious about scope 3 

How are we really embedding carbon monitoring and reductions into projects? Delegates will contribute to a white paper to determine design guidelines for infrastructure organisations when applying scope 3 carbon emissions, with a focus on downstream activities in the first instance and to include the analysis of metrics. 

Optional sessions - tomorrow’s important topics need solutions and action today

Continuing the work started in the Think Tanks, our optional discussion sessions will provide an opportunity for delegates to engage in informal debates, which most resonate with their current needs or concerns, giving them vital insight into developments and how their thinking compares to their peers.

Cyber security 

The risks of a cyber attack to a business or critical national infrastructure asset (airports, tunnels, highways, railways, energy, water, telecommunications) are increasing.  It is a case of ‘not if, but when’ and organisations must consider how they protect themselves from attack rather than viewing this as an inevitability.  Whether you are a business or a critical national infrastructure operator, the business and operational risks are massive.

Regional energy 

Energy will form a key part of our transition away from fossil fuels but as networks increasingly become devolved, what benefits and risks does this present and how may it affect the complexity of large scale infrastructure projects that need guaranteed base load or cover significant areas?


Achieving the SDGs and net zero is not simply a case of ‘spending more’ with a view to circular economic thinking and externalities.  It will also involve pricing and doing more with less and reducing waste. To do this investment mechanisms will need to evolve. Delegates will engage in a debate that asks are we ready for high carbon prices and actually pricing environmental damage?

Skills and capacity 

Skills shortages and gaps are an issue for many companies but the question is not only how do we address the shortage but also what skills will we need in 5, 10 and 15 years time?  With countries across the globe all committing to a journey towards net zero where will this resource come from? What skills do today’s infrastructure organisations need to develop and what does tomorrow’s engineer look like. 

Please note this event is by invite only, should you wish to apply to join the Global Leadership Forum, you can do so by clicking on the button below.

Location - The President Wilson Hotel, Geneva

Set in The President Wilson Hotel on the shore of Lake Geneva, Switzerland, we promise you a venue that allows you to achieve the head space to commit to 24 hours of talks, debate and discussion with your peers in a neutral and tranquil environment so that you leave having created real action and exerted influence with your peers. 

Summit places are available on an all inclusive basis, preferential rates have been negotiated with the hotel should you wish to extend your stay. 


CHF 2,950

Conference programme from 10.00 on 27 April 2022 to 14.00 on 28 April 2023.  Includes all meals and refreshments (including dinner) at The President Wilson, Geneva.  Accommodation is excluded, but we have held a number of rooms at the venue at a preferential rate of CHF 334 which you can book here

Should you wish to extend your stay into the weekend or have specific accommodations requests, please contact

Global Leadership Forum overview

The exclusive Global Leadership Forum brings together some 100 leaders from across the globe to play a key role in helping to address global challenges and creating a united, influential, international voice for the infrastructure industry.

FIDIC announced the formation of the Global Leadership Forum in September 2021 to bring senior influencers and decision makers together from the construction and infrastructure sectors to help address the critical issues we face as a society and an industry and to develop workable solutions to solve them.   

The forum provides a powerful global network for leaders to discuss these issues.  Through their discussions, deliberations and actions, we will be able to build a solid coalition of support and buy-in for what needs to be done to address the key global challenges we face and, crucially, how we collaborate to solve them. 

Participants of FIDIC’s Global Leadership Forum are selected based on their prominent knowledge and expertise across the sector.

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