Discussion table: Net-Zero and sustainability

This discussion table will look at integrating net zero clauses and embedding sustainable performance criteria in the FIDIC rainbow contract suites for works and services and will draw from some of the deliberations at a FIDIC Contracts Committee webinar held earlier this year on “Greening FIDIC's rainbow contract suite.” 

Building on the recommendations outlined in the FIDIC Climate Change Charter, it is clear that project procurement and risk allocation in construction need revisiting to address sustainability and net zero. Innovation, carbon reduction objectives, and metrics are required at the project level and reporting on progress at the project level is intrinsic to climate-responsible engineering. There is already much in the FIDIC contracts suite that can be used to ensure a more sustainable and net zero-compliant approach to contracts and this session will discuss this and other initiatives that can be applied around net zero and sustainability. 

The session will also focus on procurement and risk allocation across all contracts in the framework of net zero and sustainability and also measuring and reporting against the contract requirements for carbon reduction. 

The participants will be given an opportunity to share their views and engage in the discussion.

Discussion leaders:  

  • Adriana Spassova, Vice Chair, CC 
  • Jeremy Glover, Fenwick Elliott 
  • Emma Schaafsma, Partner. CMS 
Jeremy Glover Adriana Spassova Emma Schaafsma
Tuesday, November 29, 2022
4:00 PM - 5:15 PM (GMT)
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