Full Name
Mr. Mahmoud Abu-Hussein
Job Title
Senior Manager, Procurement & Contracts - UAE
Dolphin Energy Limited
Speaker Bio
- Co-drafter of the 2021 Second Edition of the Green Book.
- Member of FIDIC Contracts Committee.
- Friendly reviewer of the 2017 Fifth Edition of the White Book and 2017 Second Edition of the Red, Yellow and Silver Books.
- A qualified Engineer with 30 years of experience in the fields of procurement and contracts, design coordination and construction management for large-scale oil and gas, power generation and distribution, architectural and research projects.
- Worked for main contractors executing Design and Build, EPC and BOOT projects; consultants advising governmental agencies and providing EPCM services for multi-prime power generation projects; and employers/owners.
- Diverse career journey in Egypt, France, USA and the Arabian Gulf with multinational employers.
Mahmoud Abu-Hussein