Full Name
Ms Siobhan Fahey
Job Title
Chartered Engineer and Chartered Arbitrator
FIDIC President's List Adjudicator
Speaker Bio
Siobhan Fahey is a chartered civil/structural engineer and lawyer specialising in construction law. An independent practitioner since 2004, Siobhan works full-time as an Arbitrator, Dispute Board member, Adjudicator, Conciliator, and Mediator of construction disputes. She also provides training on contracts, dispute avoidance and dispute resolution.
Siobhan has worked in Ireland, UK, Europe, Middle East and Far East - for consulting engineers, government agencies, contractors, and consultants advising contractors and developers.
Siobhan is:
• a former member of the FIDIC Contracts Committee, and the CC’s ‘Principal Drafter’ of: the FIDIC 2017 contracts, the 2022 reprints and the Contracts Guide 2022
• FIDIC President’s List approved Adjudicator
• FIDIC Accredited International Trainer
• former chair of FIDIC’s task group for the Design-Build Subcontract 2019
• member of the ICC Commission on Arbitration and ADR, and was on ICC’s ‘expert panel’ for revision of ICC Dispute Board Rules in 2015.
Siobhan Fahey