Visa regulations 

All non-Zambians arriving in Zambia must have at least six months validity on their passports from the date of entry. The passport must also have at least 3 full blank pages.

All travellers who are not Zambian citizens or residents and require visas to come to Zambia must hold a valid visa to enter Zambia. Depending on the nationalities, visas can be obtained on arrival at the port of entry, at the Zambian Missions Abroad or obtained prior to travelling to Zambia. Anyone, regardless of nationality can apply for an e-Visa to Zambia (= online application).

Further information 

For up-to-date details on visa requirements, please visit the Zambia Department of Immigration website at 

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Please time your visa application smart. Once you receive your visa it will be valid for 3 months (means, you must enter Zambia within 3 months, otherwise it expires, and you must apply for another visa).