Green Infrastructure for the Future

Africa has many of the most climate-vulnerable nations and the continent is at the sharp end of many geopolitical challenges. The continent is however endowed with great renewable potential and natural resources which if well harnessed, would lead to financial clout and help solve climate change challenges. The four-day FIDIC Africa Conference which starts on 21st May and end on 24th May, 2023 and is expected to bring together about 500 delegates from across Africa and the rest of the world to discuss the future of infrastructure provision under the theme: ‘Green Infrastructure for the Future’.

The secondary focus of keynote speakers and delegates will be on the diverse areas covered by the sub-themes:

  1. Integrated approach in planning Green infrastructure;
  2. Building a sustainable, resilient and viable Green infrastructure;
  3. Global progresses addressing African burgeoning youth population and paradigm shift towards green economies;
  4. Green construction methods and materials for a sustainable future Infrastructure development.

Prospective authors are, however, also invited to submit papers outside the listed topics if their topics are within the general scope of the Conference – Green Infrastructure for the Future.

Submission of Papers



Deadline for submission of abstracts

09th January 2023

Notification of decision on abstract

23rd January 2023

Extended abstract / full paper submission

20th February 2023

Notification of decision on paper

13th March 2023

Submission of final papers and presentations

17th April 2023

Language etc.

The official working language of the conference is English, which will be used for all printed materials, presentations and discussions.

For more details, please see here below and/or download the "call for papers".