Full Name
Mr. Luobing Liu
Job Title
Chairman at subsidiary Company
Shanghai Investment Consulting Group Co
Speaker Bio
Liu Luobing´╝îChairman at SISECC, a subsidiary company of Shanghai Investment Consulting Group Co. Ltd., with 30 years of experience in infrastructure sector. His experience covers very wide infrastructure areas including water resources, power generation, urban development etc. Liu is a very active participant and leader at national and international engineering consulting organizations, such as: Co-founder of CYPF at CNAEC, Member of FIDIC YPFSC (2007-2009), Member of FIDIC IMC (2009-2017), President at FIDIC Asia Pacific (2015-2018), FIDIC Board Member (2017-2022), FIDIC Vice president (2019-2021), FIDIC certified trainer, Friendly reviewer for FIDIC DB Rules(2016), Friendly reviewer for FIDIC 2017 Red book and Silver book. As a FIDIC Contract promoter, he actively promoted the application of FIDIC Contract to the stakeholders via conference, forums and seminars especially in Asia Pacific region.
Luobing Liu