An exclusive summit for 100 of the world’s most senior leaders in the infrastructure sector. This invitation only event will provide a forum for leaders in the global infrastructure sector to connect with peers from around the world to share knowledge and to discuss solutions to major issues facing them, their leadership teams and organisations.   

Delegates attending will include CEOs and c-suite executives from the global infrastructure community, including those working in government, finance, consulting engineering, construction, professional services, supply chain, academia, trade associations and asset owners. Invited guests from other industries will also attend to bring different perspectives and to challenge infrastructure sector conventions. 

GLF Summit 2023 - recap!

At the event, delegates will gain insight from and provide input to reports and proposals produced as part of the GLF 2023-2024 Think Tank programme, notably: 

  • Market intelligence 

  • Artificial intelligence 

  • Decarbonisation of infrastructure

By attending the event, delegates will make deep relationships among peers to enable greater collaboration to solve some of the biggest challenges facing the global infrastructure sector.  

Please note this event is by invite only, should you wish to apply to join the Global Leadership Forum, you can do so by clicking on the button below.

Global Leadership Forum overview

The exclusive Global Leadership Forum brings together some 100 leaders from across the globe to play a key role in helping to address global challenges and creating a united, influential, international voice for the infrastructure industry.

FIDIC announced the formation of the Global Leadership Forum in September 2021 to bring senior influencers and decision makers together from the construction and infrastructure sectors to help address the critical issues we face as a society and an industry and to develop workable solutions to solve them.   

The forum provides a powerful global network for leaders to discuss these issues.  Through their discussions, deliberations and actions, we will be able to build a solid coalition of support and buy-in for what needs to be done to address the key global challenges we face and, crucially, how we collaborate to solve them. 

Participants of FIDIC’s Global Leadership Forum are selected based on their prominent knowledge and expertise across the sector.