Meeting agenda

COP 27 – are we really making progress?

Taking place as the COP 27 talks in Egypt draw to a close, we’ll be reflecting on the discussions to consider if and how they might impact our plans to achieve the SDGs in our sector.

Part of this will be the launch of an important consultation for a White Paper to define design guidelines for infrastructure organisations for Scope 3 carbon emissions. By joining the meeting you will ensure you contribute to the consultation and have access to the final report which will be presented at the Global Leadership Forum Summit in Geneva on 27/28 April 2023.

In particular, we’ll be hearing from leaders within the infrastructure sector to debate the following:

How can the Global Leadership Forum members embrace pre-competitive collaboration to solve the following challenges?

    1) Who are the ‘blockers’ and how are we collaborating to drive faster climate action?

2) How do we influence our clients and supply chains to embrace the full three scopes for carbon calculation (global project example)?

Stuart McClaren, head of Decarbonomics, SNC Lavalin

3) How do we balance Climate Action and ESG in our organisations?

Fuat Savas, Managing Director, Co-head of infrastructure finance and advisory, JP Morgan, New York

We’ll be using your input and challenge from these questions to shape part of the agenda for our Global Leadership Summit on 27/28 April 2023.

Please join us to have your voice and help shape the debate for the Global Leadership Forum.

Thursday, November 17, 2022
12:00 PM - 2:00 PM (CET)
Stuart McLaren Efdal Fuat Savas
Time Zone: (UTC+02:00) Berlin, Bern [Change Time Zone]