Full Name
Mr. Husni Madi
Job Title
FIDIC Contracts Committee
Speaker Bio
Biography - Husni Madi is a FIDIC International Certified Trainer (FCT), as well as Founder and CEO of Shura Construction Management, a consultancy firm providing contract solutions for the construction industry.

Husni is a Civil Engineer with over 24 years of experience, a Delay Analysis specialist, an accredited Professional in Scheduling (PMI-SP) and Project Management (PMP). He is a member of several multi-million USD international and domestic arbitration tribunals being an FCIArb, and DABs being a FIDIC Certified Adjudicator (FCA) listed on FIDIC President’s List of Approved Dispute Adjudicators. Husni is the DRBF Country Representative for Jordan.

Presently, he is serving as Chairman of FIDIC Task Groups 15 & 15B in charge of establishing “FIDIC’s Golden Principles”, and a Friendly Reviewer of the Red, Yellow, Silver 2017 2nd Editions, and the Emerald Book.

Importantly, Husni is Vice Chair of the influential FIDIC Contracts Committee, and winner of FIDIC’s Trainer(s) or Adjudicator(s) of the Year Award.
Husni Madi