Full Name
Harry Stockman
Job Title
DC Expert
DC Systems
Speaker Bio
The founder of DC Systems, Harry Stokman is now a prominent employee of Schneider Electric. Harry has been a DC entrepreneur since 1988. He has been the owner and CEO of Hellas Rectifiers since 1998. He has been the founder, owner and CEO of Direct Current BV and DC Systems BV since 2009. He founded and has been chairman of the DC foundation since 2010. He is a globally recognized specialist in DC on the following topics: Control, Distribution, System Grounding, Corrosion, Protection, power electronics and High Current systems. He is the inventor of Current/OS protocol based on 350V DC and 700V DC. He received multiple awards for his work in the LVDC: Nennovation Award from the NEN (2019), 1906 IEC Award from the IEC (2018), Runner-up The Process Award from the European Commission (2016), Greendeal Award from the Dutch government (2016). He is very active in standardization bodies. He is the Convener of Dutch TC64 NEN1010 WG DC. He is the convener or member of SyC LVDC multiple TC and WG, member of some TC 8 working groups and member of multiple TC 64 working groups.
Harry Stockman