Your global connection to a world of benefits. Highlighting the value of FIDIC to its global member associations.

This webinar, organised by the FIDIC Membership Committee and taking place on Tuesday 4 June 2024, will highlight the value and some of the key benefits that member associations (MAs) receive from their FIDIC membership. 

This value includes tangible benefits like discounts for MA member firms on key industry documents and publications, access to key industry committees and links to influential international funding organisations, as well as the intangible advantages of being part of a global industry community of interest that collectively strengths the sector by working and collaborating together on key issues.

Through this webinar, we hope to make member associations more aware of the many services that FIDIC provides and crucially how to access them to benefit the member firms in their specific regions. The webinar should appeal to staff at all levels in FIDIC member associations and will act both as a useful reminder of what FIDIC offers for longstanding staff and also a helpful introduction for newer arrivals or those less experienced in working in the global association arena. 

Speakers for the webinar will be confirmed soon but will include representation from the FIDIC Membership Committee, the FIDIC board, FIDIC staff, member association leaders and MA member firms.

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Tuesday, June 4, 2024
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM (CEST)