FIDIC Committee Chairs Meeting

Open discussions among Chairs and Vice Chairs of FIDIC Committees and invited speakers – Registration is required 

The Committee meeting will discuss key activities of FIDIC working committees and exchange with the audience on industry challenges to identify future activities and tasks. 

  • Introduction: Dr Nelson Ogunshakin OBE, FIDIC CEO 
  • Moderator: Catherine Karakatsanis, FIDIC Vice President and Chair of the FIDIC Chairpersons Meeting 
  • Speakers: FIDIC Committee Chairs

Participants: FIDIC member association representatives, associate members, affiliates, committee members, staff working in member firms, regional group representatives, FIDIC Board members and Past Presidents, and any conference participant wishing to learn about FIDIC committee activities. 

Theme: FIDIC Committees and Council Chairs will discuss functions and strategic objectives to serve FIDIC members and the infrastructure industry. Participants to this session will receive first-hand information from revamped FIDIC working groups about their plans on how to tackle the major challenges of the industry. 

Discussion topics: 

  1. Business challenges in the consulting engineering industry 
  2. How FIDIC members can respond to challenges 
  3. FIDIC response to address and find solutions to challenges   

The meeting will include a Q&A with the audience.


Business Practice Leadership Committee
Andrew Read, New Zealand (Chair) 
Integrity Management Committee
Richard Stump, USA (Chair)
Sustainable Development Committee
Tracey Ryan, New Zealand (Chair)
Future Leaders Advisory Council
Adam Bialachowski, Poland (Chair)
Contracts Committee
Vincent Leloup, France (Chair)
International Financial Institutions Committee
Manish Kothari, USA (Chair)
Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Council 
Michele Kruger, South Africa (Chair)
Membership Committee
Enni Soetanto, Indonesia (Chair)

Risk, Liability and Quality Committee

Nora Fung, UK (Chair)

Directors & Secretaries Advisory Council

Chris Campbell, South Africa (Chair)

Digital Transformation Committee

Stacy Sinclair, UK (Chair)


Location Name
The Fairmont Grand Hotel - Ballroom ABC
Adam Bialachowski Tracey Ryan Stacy Sinclair Richard Stump Ann-Marie Kelly Manish Kothari Michele Kruger Andrew Read Enni Soetanto Nora Fung Vincent Leloup
Sunday, September 11, 2022
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM (CEST)
Session Currently Live