Day 2 Asia Pacific - Session 2: Client and contractor experiences and IFI funded projects

Key clients and contractors will discuss their experiences of working with FIDIC contracts on projects funded by international financial institutions and provide insights with a focus of the key issues to consider when working on such projects. Delegates will also hear from contractors on their experiences of working with FIDIC.  

  • Experience of working with FIDIC Contracts on ADB funded projects 
  • Use of FIDIC Contracts on JICA projects 
  • FIDIC contracts in the region - contractor’s perspective  

Moderator: Kiri Parr, Kiri Parr Pty Ltd and Vice Chair, FIDIC Contracts Committee

Keisuke Fukui Taisuke Miyao Christiaan Grosskopf Kiri Parr
Friday, May 20, 2022
7:05 AM - 8:20 AM (CEST)
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