Full Name
Ms Isabella Loh
Job Title
Chairman of Board of Directors
Singapore Environment Council
Country (Work Address)
Speaker Bio
Isabella Huang-Loh’s top executive management and board positions span across a spectrum of international corporate environments over a period of 24 years. From business development, profit and loss, and strategic planning; to mergers and acquisitions, and enterprise business transformation, the breadth and depth of her knowledge in managing capital is extensive. A thought leader in the space of environmental sustainability and waste management, she has successfully implemented numerous green initiatives in her capacity as Chairman of the Singapore Environment Council. She has led organisations to incorporate sustainability objectives and facilitated their adoption of the green agenda. Isabella continues to lead and mentor new generations of sustainability experts, guiding them through governance knowledge, contributing to their board exposure and management experiences. The Singaporean government honored Isabella with the Public Service Medal for her 20-year commitment to environmental and sustainability causes.
Isabella Loh