Full Name
Mr. Henrik Winther
Job Title
Executive Vice President
Country (Work Address)
Speaker Bio
With more than 25 years of experience from the consulting engineering indus-try, Henrik Winther is currently the Executive Vice President for COWI Den-mark leading 2.500+ consultants within engineering, environmental and eco-nomic services. He has worked for COWI in both Malta (1993-1994), Oman (2006-2007) and most recently in Norway (2017-2020).
Henrik is originally trained as civil engineer from the Technical University og Denmark (DTU) and has supplemented with leadership-courses from Copenha-gen Business Academy, INSEAD, IMD and Harvard Business School. Henrik holds position as Board Member in both COWI Poland, COWI India and COWIs newest acquisition Mannvit, a 280-consultant company in Iceland specializing in hydropower and geothermal. Henrik has been a member of the board for the Danish Association of Consulting Engineers (FRI), since 2021 and were elected Chairman of the Board in March 2023.
Henrikā€™s primary drive is leading a healthy business with high customer satis-faction, combined with a strong set of values focusing on the environment and the employees.
Henrik Winther