Panel session 3 - Developing a customer-centered approach to infrastructure

Client expectations are changing at pace with construction companies being asked to deliver and demonstrate increased value – financial and social – and be much more focused on client needs than ever before. Construction companies that are more predictable and can get it right first time will be better placed to be successful in the future. This session will look at how construction and infrastructure companies can develop a customer-centred approach that gives clients what they want and need while demonstrating value.

Moderator: Linda Darr, President and CEO, ACEC - United States

Co-moderator: Michael Broadley, General Manager, FIDIC Academy - Switzerland

Keynote: Johnny Wong Liang Heng, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Housing & Development Board - Singapore


Location Name
Raffles City Convention Centre - Ballroom
Philippe Dessoy Johnny Wong Liang Heng Linda Darr Henrik Winther William Cox Aik Seng Lee Michael Broadley
Monday, September 11, 2023
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (SGT)
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