GLF Observer Status 

The Global Leadership Forum (GLF) which is run by FIDIC engages with stakeholders across the infrastructure sector from governments and politicians to advisors, investors, insurers, asset owners and operators, financers, technology providers, engineers’ contractors etc. It is, however, important to recognise that several of the organisations with which the GLF engages have policies with regards to engagement, paying for events, participation in awards etc.  

The policy below outlines The Observer Status, these organisations are entitled to limited but free access and participation to some of the GLF activities.  

This Observer Status is a privilege granted by the GLF management to these organisations to give them an ability to participate in the organization's activities.  

Who can apply for GLF Observer Status?  

The following organisations are able to apply for the GLF Observer Status:  

  • Government and Intergovernmental organizations (IGO) a list of the major international IGOs can be found here 

  • Political or diplomatic supporters 

  • Specialist infrastructure partner (Approval is granted by the GLF management team on individual basis and notify the GLF Advisory Board) 

What can you access as a GLF Observer Status holder?  

The GLF Observer Status provides registered organisations (subject to availability) with free access to:  

  • The Global Leadership Forum summit  

  • The Global Leadership Forum members meeting 

  • Strategic partner with the Global Leadership Forum 

  • Engagement in the GLF think tanks  

  • FIDIC webinars 

  • FIDICs Global Infrastructure Conference  

  • FIDICs International Contract Users Conference 

How many people can you register for the status?  

You can register up to 2 people for the status (subject to membership approval of C-suite/Executive/Senior member of staff) but attendance to events will be limited to a single person per event from the selected list.  

What is the term of the status?  

The status is granted based on a rolling annual review and if the status is to be revoked FIDIC will inform the party in writing (electronic) with 30 days' notice.  

Application form  

Application reviewal process 

Please note that we aim to provide a response to your request within 72 hours of submission. FIDIC on behalf of the GLF reserves the right to refuse any application it does not deem fit according to FIDIC’s overarching objectives. The list of approved Observers will be reviewed annually and if removal is undertaken the nominated people will be informed.  

FIDIC on behalf of the GLF reserves the right to advertise organisations that have obtained the GLF observer status including using the organisations logo on marketing and communication materials and collateral. 

By clicking on the submit button you accept the above terms and conditions as part of this application.