Discussion Table 3: Arbitration – EMEA experience, latest developments and current state of play

This discussion table will discuss the issues arising in arbitration under FIDIC contracts and the regional experiences in dealing with arbitration, including the conduct of the arbitral proceedings and enforcement of arbitral awards.
Panellists, who are all experts in this field, will examine a range of relevant issues and take-aways from the session will include insights on the differing approaches in dealing with arbitration, including ad-hoc methods and the institutional approach and how the arbitrator’s role may change to reflect this. The discussion will also deal with the key role of experts, some of the latest developments around the enforcement of awards and the key components needed to offer certainty and confidence to arbitration in the region.

Husni Madi Fatima Balfaqeeh Mohamed Abdel Wahab Stephen Hibbert Asel El Housan
Wednesday, May 10, 2023
2:15 PM - 3:30 PM (CEST)
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