War in Ukraine and rising inflation – navigating troubled times with FIDIC contracts
Date & Time
Tuesday, March 21, 2023, 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

 - a webinar organised by the FIDIC Contracts Committee (CC)

Global inflation of construction costs has been particularly pronounced in the aftermath of the Covid pandemic and it has been exacerbated by the outbreak of war in Ukraine, reaching a magnitude unseen since the 1970s. The FIDIC Contracts Committee has prepared a Guidance Memorandum for the benefit of the construction industry, highlighting how parties to a construction project can navigate through these troubles times with their FIDIC contract. The Guidance Memorandum will be published in time for this webinar and participants will therefore benefit from a first-hand privileged insight into its detailed contents by the authors who are members of the FIDIC Contracts Committee. A hands-on approach has been adopted to the Guidance Memorandum, highlighting various scenarios of events that may impact a construction project and drawing up practical remedies to be considered under FIDIC contracts.

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Nelson Ogunshakin Catherine Karakatsanis Vincent Leloup Peter Collie Adriana Spassova Mahmoud Abu Hussein