Building more diverse and inclusive companies. Diversity best practice for attracting, retaining and promoting people.

This webinar taking place on Tuesday 15 October 2024 and organised by the FIDIC Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Advisory Council (DEIAC), will look at how best to build diverse and inclusive companies in the engineering, construction and infrastructure sector by focusing on how to attract, retain and promote people to ensure that businesses are truly sustainable for the future.

Attracting, retaining and promoting a diverse pool of talent is crucial for companies in our sector, especially given the diverse and ever-evolving challenges facing the sector and this webinar will offer some effective and practical measures to enhance diversity, equity and inclusion across businesses with a focus on the following key areas.

How do we attract talent into the industry? What can the industry do to attract more women, minority and underrepresented groups into its ranks? What are the best practice methods and strategies that are working and how can these be implemented by companies?

Having attracted people, how do we retain them in the business? The webinar will look at strategies to retain people in the industry. How can firms make themselves more attractive places to work for staff with parental responsibilities? Are facilities like creches being provided or help with childcare? Are there flexible working practices in place and do companies have a fair promotion and pay policies that encourages diversity?

How do you assist equity in the career development process? How do companies ensure that people are given all the tools they need to do the job? Is there a clear and transparent promotion pathway that respects the challenges that staff face and how are they being supported to reach the C-suite level?

More than ever before, the engineering, construction and infrastructure industry must become more diverse and inclusive to meet the challenges of an increasing diverse world in which it operates. Workable EDE&I strategies are essential if companies in the sector are to compete with other industries and professions and avoid losing out in the battle for talent. This webinar will address that challenge and give attendees solid and workable ideas to help them become more diverse and inclusive helping them to futureproof their businesses.

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Tuesday, October 15, 2024
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM (CEST)