Infrastructure Procurement and Contracting Forum - Part B

Forum to have a three-way discussion on key and emerging issues in Procurement and Contracting between FIDIC, MDBs, contractors, and other construction and engineering project participants, including employers, sub-contractors, suppliers, etc.

This forum will run in parallel with Panel session 3 - Developing a customer-centered approach to infrastructure and Panel session 4 - Leading the infrastructure revolution.


  • Daduna Kokhreidze, General Counsel, FIDIC
  • Graham Pontin, Director Policy, External Affairs & Communications, FIDIC
  • Manish Kothari, President and CEO, Sheladia Associates, Inc.
  • Vincent Leloup, Chair, FIDIC Contracts Committee
  • John Gamble, President and CEO, ACEC

Key topics:

  • Worldwide use of FIDIC contracts, including on MDB funded projects 
Location Name
Raffles City Convention Centre - FIDIC Insight Lounge
Daduna Kokhreidze Graham Pontin Manish Kothari Vincent Leloup Richard Touroude Nino Tsaturova Mukta Malhotra Ahmed Stifi
Monday, September 11, 2023
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM (SGT)
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